The year 6's will be learning how to create a web page using the Ecodesigner Wiki. You will need to research designing sustainable homes and present written material and images that you have produced in your teams. Do not plagerise and take any photos without referencing where you got it from. Save your work in a folder on your student drive and learn about how to upload information and pictures.
Here is the description of the project and due dates.
A assessment sheet can be found here.
To upload photos it is good to make sure that the file size is not too big-over 1MB it getting too large. You can resize photos with a free program which you can download off the Internet called PIX resizer.

Due date for the individual drawings is on Friday the 4th September.

technical drawing sample
This image was found at
Due date for the oral presentation part is: Monday 14th September. House model is due: Monday 14th September.

Here is a link to your rubric for marking the oral presentation.

This website has some great models of eco designed homes called Sage Architecture.
Ms Tyrwhitt's blog has some links on the 6MS tab that can help with your research.
Aldinga Arts Eco Village

Here is a flash animation of thermal solar energy at work. See the Origin Energy webiste for really interesting information on different forms of renewable energy.