Hello We Are The Green_ Machines

The people in our group are
Luke Shawcross
Kane Grant
Thomas Jacquier

This is our eco friendly house that we made

external image green_machine.jpg

Here Are Some Photos Of Eco Friendly Houses
external image 200804_CanopyHomes.jpg
external image view3.jpgexternal image Sybarite2_550x412.jpg

Alternative Energy is the way to go for the future
I find it amazing that the world is still using dirty energy when we have so many types of renewable energies. My arguments are.... Solar is cheap and clean, Uranium has massive supplies and is extremely powerful, Wind power is free and is everywhere and Tidal power is very reliable.
My first and most important point is that solar power is very clean and very cheap. Why use the burning of Coal and realise all those greenhouse gases into the air when theirs Solar power. Coal will run out someday so what are we waiting for. I say lets change now! Did you now that 1KW of solar energy is the equivalent of 300 pounds of 135 kg of Carbon Dioxide being released into the air! That’s what I mean by eco friendly.
Second of all Uranium has massive supplies and is hugely powerful. Why use non-renewable energy when all that free Energy is lying there. Did you now that 1 tonne produces more energy than several million tonnes of coal! So lets go nuclear before its to late.
Another point is that Wind Power is very efficient

Sorry, someone deleted it. By luke

· 3 cardboard tubes (at least 30cms long)
· 1 shoe box
· 1 cereal box
· Black spray paint
· Hot glue gun/glue
· Glue stick
· Paper
· Card board
· Electrical wire
· Pencil
· Colored pens (green, blue, yellow, red)
· Black tape/ masking tape
· Staple gun (if you have no glue)
· Ruler
· Image of a game
1. Measure the shoe box.
2. Glue the cereal box in the middle of the shoe box.
3. Measure two tubes so there equal.
4. Use black tape to tape the two tubes together.
5. Glue the tubes on the back of shoe box so it looks like an upside down (L).
6. On the other side, glue the wire to shoe box.
7. Spray paint the whole thing black.
8. On paper draw a controller.
9. Glue the paper controller onto cardboard.
10. Cut off the remaining cardboard so it’s reinforced on the back.
11. Glue controller onto the wire.
12. On controller side use glue stick to stick the game image on the cereal box.
The meaning of the ECO X-BOX is that we kids can combine the love for gaming and the environment, so every time you score a point you help the environment by planting a seed for trees so we can breathe cleaner air.

By Kane and luke

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