There are many ways in which Australia can use alternate energy instead of coal energy. Even though it may be more expensive they are worth it. Firstly we should use solar power because it is clean; also we should use hydro power because the air will not get polluted. Wind power is also a great source of energy because it reduces toxic emissions and nuclear power is good because it doesn’t affect the ozone layer.
My first and strongest point is Solar Power. Solar Power is a source of energy which can be used instead of oil and coal. Solar power is a good way to save our natural environment and saves coal and it is natural, clean and renewable. Therefore as the technology for solar cells gets better and better, this form of clean, renewable energy will find more applications that take up less space and produces more electricity, to meet the energy needs of our homes, schools and businesses.
My second important point is Hydro Power. Hydro Power is an effective source of energy because it is straight from the water; it is also very clean and renewable. Hydro Power is made from water flowing in rivers then the water flows through pipes called penstocks and then it flows and pushes these big blades around and these blades turn the big generators that make electricity, and the blades are turbines.
My third point is about Wind Power because it was one of the first sources of energy used by people to power the machines. Wind Power is a renewable energy sources also it is a pollution free source of energy. Wind Power is the fastest growing segment of all renewable energy sources. Wind Power can relive fossil fuels shortage. Wind Power is one of the most popular renewable energy technologies.
Nuclear Energy is one of the most important types of energy. Nuclear energy is now a very safe type of energy because maximum safety precautions have been taken, therefore a Chernobyl is very unlikely to happen ever again. Not only that, but Nuclear energy is, clean, healthy for the environment and the ozone layer. And Nuclear energy can either be made natural or manmade. Nuclear energy is also renewable, and people say is one of the greatest and useful types of energy.
In conclusion I strongly believe that the government is way out of line because Australia has so much alternative energy and we just don’t use it. Because of wind power, nuclear power, hydro power and solar power, there are alternate ways where Australia can get power from. Which are more effective and efficient for the environment.
By Jordan Haddad

Alternative Energy is the way to go for our future?
I am startled that Australians want to turn to Alternative Energy. What are they doing? We have plenty of coal and it won’t run out in hundreds of years so we won’t need to worry about it. We should still burn coal because Nuclear takes years to expose, Geothermal is exceedingly hard to transport, Tidal power is not cost effective, Wind farms take up far too much space, and Solar power is extremely expensive.
My first and most imperative point is that we shouldn’t use Nuclear Energy. For one, there is a lot of Nuclear waste produced from Nuclear, which can harm the environment and contaminate the air. Also, there is a lot of radiation produced from it, which can damage our cells which leads to Cancer and organ failures. In addition, meltdowns can occur which results in thousands of people dying. Remember the Chernobyl Disaster?
My next point is that Geothermal power is a complete waste of time. If we switched to Geothermal, we could lose so much electricity and would have to turn back to coal. Sometimes the power plants may temporarily run out of steam, even for decades. During this time, the power plant won’t have enough energy to generate electricity. Another disadvantage is that there are low numbers of suitable sites for a power plant. But last of all, some hazardous gases and minerals - mostly hydrogen sulphide, arsenic, mercury and ammonia - can rise up from underground with the steam. The releasing of these gases and minerals can cause earthquakes.
My next point is about Tidal power. First of all, Tidal power only provides enough power for around 10 hours each day, when the tide is actually coming in or out. This means that we will lose power, especially in the summer - when there are low winds, and the tides are even weaker - when we want the air conditioner on at night, it will turn off and we will be boiling hot. Also, the frames of the turbines can disrupt the movement of marine creatures and ships. Likewise, many fish, like salmon, swim up to the barrages and are killed by the spinning turbines. After around 50 - 100 years, we could have a shortage of fish which would have a huge impact on all life on earth, including some animals. The barrages can also affect the tidal level, which could cause flooding of the shoreline.
My fourth point is about Wind energy. Most importantly, Wind energy produces a lot less electricity than coal. It is also unreliable due to the absence of wind in some areas. Furthermore, research has found that people living near Wind turbines can obtain several illnesses such as ear problems and heart failures or attacks. Not only does it give us illnesses, it is also very loud. The noise pollution from the turbines is similar to a small jet engine. This could disturb your sleep. Also, the turbines take a very long time to install. Lastly, people have protested that they would like the countryside left intact for everyone to enjoy its beauty, not to see ugly Wind farms.
Finally, Solar power is very unreliable. First, Solar panels only work when the sun is out, so when it is cloudy or dark, you would have no power. In addition to that, when it is dark, your fridge will turn off and your food will expire and your drinks will go hot. Solar power could even be toxic! The production of the panels creates toxic waste which is very bad for the environment. Also, not all of the world can use solar power due to massive storms occurring regularly, very cold conditions in the winter time and lots of cloud in some areas. Finally, the Solar Panels look hideous on people’s houses.
So as you can see, there are a lot of risks and dangers of Alternative Energy. Why risk the lives of thousands and thousands of people from meltdowns from nuclear. Likewise, why peril a whole country from Earthquakes made by Geothermal. Why risk getting a shortage of fish from them being killed by the Tidal power turbines. Windmills look disgraceful, and to top it all off, Solar power stops working when it goes dark. So Don’t Change!

Simon Pegoli