This is Brads, Wills, Thanasis, Toms, Lukes, Lockies.
Here is our talk

The Eco Features:
Solar Panel that gives the house extra power so that we can put credit back into the bank to earn money.
North facing house which means allows the sun to power the solar panel.
A water tank so we can use the water to water the garden and any extra water goes into the dogs water bay and gives him a fresh lot of water every day.
Mud bricks which keep the heat in during winter and let the heat out in summer.
We also have chickens which give us a fresh lot of eggs every day so we don’t have to drive up to the local store and pollute the earth any more than we have already.
Insulation so that it warm the house up if the mud bricks don’t keep us warm enough.

Tom S's animated house.
Our hole group has chipped in and helped tom sibley finish our incredibots house.