We de Eco-Freakos

Eco-features of house (The Advertiser, "Green living" Part 8, August 2007 page 4 and 5) are:

The eco features :

  • BUILT under ground it maintains a constant 16c-20c temperature
  • NORTH-facing
  • POWERED by solar and wind energy
  • EXTRA energy collected by the solar panels and wind generators is stored in batteries for future use
  • SEPTIC waste filtered into a reed bed
  • WASTE water recycled for garden use
  • TOTALLY sufficient from a rain water tank built on to the shed roof
  • ONLY appliances considered necessary are owned and used, including refrigerator and television

incedibots design embd

L=low windows
s=solar power
f=dark slate floor
r=recycled wood door

eco house replay