Hi 6ms welcome to the freaks of nature wiki ! by Harry Tynan and Callan. on this wiki we have info about some of the features of our eco design house here are a few. In our eco house design we have chickens because they produce manure and eat food scraps

tynan house robot
this wiki space was created by Callan Harry and Tynan. Here is our talk

our house has:A water tank, solar pannels, grey water and heated floors as well as rammed earth bricks and a couch.
The grand unveiling is on the 4th of september.
  • Solar hot water which heats all the houses hot water.
  • Solar power which we use to power our house and any excess power we store in batteries and sell to make profit or put back on to the power grid.
  • A rain water system that consists of a water tank, a down pipe and several gutters.
  • A garden which isfertilized