The Greenaroos are here: Isaac, Ryan,Chris A and Edyn.

the greenaroos home

Edyn house
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Hi my name is Chris and together with Ryan Isaac and Edyn we are the Greenaroos. We came together to try and accomplish to build an eco-friendly house with eco-friendly materials, and we went well.

Bubble Rap

Our eco-friendly house is made up of many different materials, and we used these materials to make our house. We got lots of cardboard and cut the cardboard in to the shape of a house then we cut a straight piece of cardboard and used it for the roof, so the roof was straight to put solar panels on. Then we cut out a door in the cardboard and cut out windows. Then we taped the walls together and then we stuck the door on with tape. Then we got cans for water tanks and stuck them together, and then stuck them to the side of the house. Then we got some straws and put them inside each other for some gutters, and then we taped the straws to the cans and then taped them to the house. Then we put paper all over the house so we could paint it, then we got bubble rap and folded it in half and put it inside the house so we could have insulation. Then we got paint and painted the house and then we left it to dry, after the paint dried we painted it again so it could have another coat of paint. Then we cut out some more cardboard and printed out some pictures of solar panels, and stuck the pictures onto the cardboard and then stuck the cardboard on to the roof of the house.

Group name: Greenaroos

By: Chris Agostino, Ryan Foster, Isaac Johnson and Edyn Baldissera